Rating Guide


A simple and durable bike that make learning to ride easy for first time riders without all the bells and whistles. They utilizes the basic characteristics of a top-selling bike at an affordable price for the budget-minded family.


You don't need to purchase a premium bike to get a well-performing stallion. Mid-level bikes use higher-end materials and reliable components to give you a great ride without breaking your budget.


Our most popular level. A bike that has more features, higher quality components, and built from light weight and durable materials that can take on nearly anything your child can throw at. They will require some maintenance but that's because they are built like a real bike.


The crème de la crème - Everything about these bikes has been 100% specifically engineered for the rider. Top-end components and features will provide the smoothest ride no matter the terrain. Quickness, added control and agility is what you will get. You'll never be disappointed with one of these bad boys.