Assembly Skill Level

We want to make your child's transition to their new bike as smooth as possible and this includes the bike's assembly. You'll find assembly (instructions included with bike) to be simple and straightforward. We also have a step-by-step video tutorial available on our site. Most bike will arrive 85%-95% pre-assembled, but if you feel uncomfortable with doing the assembly yourself, most any local bike shop can assist.


Require some very minor assembly. No bike experience is necessary, but able to follow simple instructions. Generally no tools required and takes 5-15 minutes to complete.


Have a minor knowledge of bikes. Able to use some tools (allen wrench/screwdriver) and follow instructions. Takes 15-30 minutes to complete the assembly task.


A basic knowledge of bikes is helpful. Able to follow more detailed instructions and able to use tools (allen wrench/screwdrivre) proficiently. Able to make minor adjustments to bike (adjust v-brake tension if required, install pedals and handlebar). Takes 15-40 minutes based upon experience.


Requires a higher understanding of bike mechanics. Able to use more technical tools (combination wrenches, allen wrenches, multitool) and follow more advanced instructions. Generally related to the proper installation of the handlebars and torquing of all bolts, which is a sensitive matter. We highly recommend using a local bike shop for profesional assemby. Takes 30-60 minutes to complete task.