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Balance Bikes for Toddlers

Balance Bikes for Kids of all Ages

Teach your child to ride a bike

Learning to ride a bike has never been easier or safer. A balance bike is the single best way to teach a child how to ride a bike. If your child can walk then they can ride a balance bike. It's the perfect tool for a life without training wheels.

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Kid Bike Sale
STAMPEDE (Ages 2-8)

Stampede (formerly known as TykesBykes) is a brand that focuses on providing quality bikes that are cost-effective, safe and super cool. Built tough and ready for action - kids love to ride them and parents love the quality.


Critics Yedoo Balance Bike
YEDOO TOOTOO (Ages 18 mos.-4)

The Yedoo TooToo - rated "Exceptional" in its class. The TooToo balance bike is built like a real bike, not a toy. The quality is apparent from every angle - making it an easy buying decision for discriminating parents.


WOOM (Ages 2-13+)

The WOOM bike is a prime example of premium quality and beautiful aesthetics combined into an exceptional learning tool. A bike that focuses on the real challenges - balance and coordination.


Back In Stock Ridgeback
RIDGEBACK (Ages 3-8)

The perfect bike for slightly older kids. The Scoot & Dimension by Ridgeback UK are designed to meet all of the biking demands of any active child between the ages, 3-8.


Sale Ultra-Light Balance Bikes
STRIDER (Ages 2-13+)

Perhaps the most recognizable balance bike brand. Striders line of popular no-pedal balance bikes embodies a simple yet classic design. Available in an ultra-lightweight, all-aluminum or steel frame for maximum performance.


LittleBig Bike
SARACEN (Ages 2-5)

The Saracen Freewheel Balance Bike is a great beginners bike. The Saracen UK brand is legendary, it shares the genetics with some ultra-performance downhill racing and cross country machines.


MUNA (Ages 2-4)

Their motto - Small Bikes with a Big Attitude. The MUNA balance bike is the perfect fusion of spunk and standout features that offers amazing performance for both girl and boy riders.


Sale Early Rider
EARLY RIDER (Ages 2-6)

Early Rider makes some of very best kids bicycles. As stunning as they are functional, Early Rider is a modern marvel of bicycle engineering in a pint-size package. Designed for kids and perfect for any true bike enthusiast.


New Little Big
LittleBig (Ages 2-7)

LittleBig is an unique 3-in-1 bike that grows with your child. The LittleBig's one-of-kind frame morphs from a little balance bike to a big balance bike and to a pedal bike.


LINUS (Ages 3-5)

A classic bike in every sense. Linus has created a "classic" childrens' bicycle that's simple, affordable, elegant with all the benefits of modern comfort and reliability.


Composite Balance Bikes
FIRSTBIKE (Ages 2-5)

Well-crafted balance bike for kids and toddlers between the ages of 2-5. Its unique German design features a lightweight yet indestructable composite frame.


Kundo Balance Bikes
KUNDO (Ages 3-5)

The stylish Kundo Red Ultralight Evo Balance Bike will get plenty of use from day one. It's one of the lightest 12" balance bikes available for kids ages, 3-5 years.


Bikes by Sizes A good starting point on what size bike will fit your child.

12" BIKES (Ages 18 mos. - 5)

The 12" balance bike is the single best way to teach a child how to ride a bike. Your child will learn the fundamentals of balancing, leaning, and steering without the distractions and complications of pedals or training wheels.


14-inch Bike
14" BIKES (Ages 3 - 7)

A 14" balance bike is perfectly proportioned for kids who are three and older or too tall for the 12" bike yet too short to handle the longer reach required by a 16".


16-inch Bikes for Kids
16" BIKES (Ages 4 - 8+)

The 16" balance bike offers the training needed to gain the confidence in balance and steering, the main skills required for a successfully transition to a pedal bike.


20-inch Bikes
20" BIKES (Ages 7+)

The 20" bike is perfect for older children and young adults who are just learning to ride for the first time, those who are dealing with special needs challenges, and those who want to tear it up at the skate and BMX bike parks.


Pedal Bike
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