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US Edition in Stock: The Scoot always sells out quickly. Avoid unnecessary regret or frustration and order today.

The US edition Ridgeback Scoot is a kid's 12-inch balance bike full of great features that will help your little rider to set off on their first adventure. Built by the folks over at Ridgeback UK, the Scoot is designed to meet all of the biking demands of any child between the ages, 3-6. This bike provides a crowning fit of absolute comfort and control with its perfectly proportioned 6061 lightweight aluminum frame, alloy rims and semi-slick tires - for a safe, smooth and comfortable ride.

What's New:

  • NEW!: Oversized KENDA tires with all-terrain tread pattern for better grip
  • NEW!: Fun new decal designs!
  • NEW!: Lower profile acorn nuts on the axles!
  • NEW!: Free assembly tools included: 5/6mm Allen wrench and multi-wrench for wheels
  • NEW!: Upgraded premium hand-brake lever (positioned on the right side per US standards)
  • NEW!: Narrow flange hubs for better spoke deflection
  • NEW!: Angled valve stems with chrome finish for easy inflation/top-off of air in tires.


  • TYPE: Balance Bike
  • WHEEL SIZE: 12"
  • BRAND: Ridgeback
  • WEIGHT: 11.2 LBS
  • MODEL: Scoot US Edition
  • SEAT HEIGHT: 14" - 20"
  • TIRE TYPE: Air
  • FRAME: Aluminum
  • FORKS: Steel
  • RIMS: Aluminum
  • BRAKES: Hand Brake
  • ASSEMBLY : Minimal
  • RATING : Upper-Range
  • COLOR: White, Blue, Pink, Red, Green, Lime


  • AGES: 3-6
  • INSEAM: 14.5" - 21"
  • HEIGHT: 37" - 43.5"
  • PANT SIZE: 3T - 5/5T

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